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Those familiar with chakats will immediately recognize this lovely little creature. Shi's not hard to mistake for a standard taurian crossbreed, but a couple of things catch the experienced eye.

First, hir hair: Long and full-bodied, its ends come only a few inches short of brushing hir lower body. The remarkable thing about it is its colour: A deep sapphire-blue, it tumbles around and between hir shoulderblades like a half-frozen waterfall - except for a large leaf-green widow's-peak in front which constantly wants to hang down in front of hir eyes, partially obscuring hir vision until shi brushes it back again. It could be dyed; but if so, it's done very thoroughly.

What few curves a taur can posess are in glorious evidence - which is more than a bit odd for one like hir who looks to be only about twelve years old, and is how those sufficiently knowledgable would truly identify hir as a chakat. Shi's posessed of slim hips, a fair amount of muscle in hir legs and upper arms, and - perhaps most notably - not one but -two- pair of breasts, the upper simply enormous for hir apparent age and the lower merely "large".

All these curves are wrapped up in a coat of desert-gold fur, with the standard vulpine markings, complete with a long and bushy foxtail swishing about behind hir - and, if one looks very closely, one can see just a hint of a grey stripe pattern on hir back and extremities. Shi appears to feel no sense of self-consciousness whatever, either, forgoing any sort of clothing in favour of showing the world what shi's all about. Upon noticing you, shi gives you a friendly and slightly cocky smile, purring softly at the thought of new company. Hir deep blue eyes, the type one could probably get lost in, take in every aspect of hir surroundings and every little change in detail.

[I also have a bipedal form - identical 'cept for the shape]
species Djasi (chakat-variant)
gender hermaphrodite
loves Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Aroused likes Albino, Amy Rose, Anatomically Correct tolerates 69, Afghan hound, Akita hates ASB, Abra, Abuse
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Latest Journal posted 17 Feb 2013

Alright, folks, Lana's Customer is now actually done! I thought it was done when I posted it, but afterward I realized that the extra scene I had in mind really needed to be part of the same chapter - so check it out! :D

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Hatiko DarkKlaw 8 months ago
Oh, my god. Please tell me you still get on here!
Black_Haired_demon 1 year ago
yes you have *chuckles*
Yubs 1 year ago
Next time!
Amethyst_Doulton 2 years ago
*smiles and tail wags* sure i wouldnt mind some company :3
ladywhitetiger 3 years ago
hi ^^
Twillight 3 years ago
Thanks for the Comment.^^
Duneflower 4 years ago
Well...I wrote something again, finally, after all this time. Not gonna post it yet, as it's actually meant to be part of someone-else's series, and I want them to vett it first, but hopefully it should be up before too long!